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Your Mind Power and Why It’s So Important

Mind Power Success - VictoryYour mind is extremely powerful and understanding how to use your mind power can be life-changing. Developing your skill with using it effectively can mean the difference between health and disease, a safe secure home you love or living someplace you dread going home to, having wonderful loving relationships or feeling lonely, being at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time.

I’ll be honest and say that you start out with a challenge right from the beginning when you talk about the power of the mind. So much outdated information is still out there and a lot of people still live life as if it is still the 20th century. They ignore what is now clearly seen with newer technology.

I like to listen to what scientists who think outside of the box have to say. They have findings that don’t fit with what they were taught or expected to study and talk about. Many are courageous and have come out of the “scientific closet” as they jokingly say. One by one they started sharing their experiments that show how powerful thoughts and intentions are. They also talk about how they were warned by colleagues to steer away from anything that could label them as a pseudoscientist.

Many don’t want to even touch on mindpower, yet we have flat out proof, declassified records showing that even our government knows about the power of the human mind.  They have done a lot of experimenting behind closed doors so they can take advantage of people’s minds and psychic abilities.

Unfortunately, many scientists get shut down when they show interest or want to share their findings. When working for a company, when they take their findings to their superiors, it isn’t always appreciated or pursued.

So for one reason or another, we have to deal with doubt and people who call us crazy.  When we talk of “manifesting” or using the power of intention, it is still something many people don’t understand, don’t want to and are afraid of. Many people are so out of touch with recent discoveries that it is like speaking a foreign language to them unless they are willing to look at credible science first.

Remember this though when you get funny looks and hear people call that which cannot be physically seen “woo-woo.” You’re not crazy, they’re just uninformed. But it’s probably not their fault. They call it pseudoscience or you crazy because it is made to seem nonsensical by people who know better. Or more often, they know but remain silent. We have plenty of proof of that.

People in high places with authority in governments around the world know about it and use the power of the mind against their enemies.

One of my favorite stories comes from the time Jimmy Carter was speaking to a group of students after his presidency was over. He was asked what the strangest thing was that he was involved in as President of the United States. He let the cat out of the bag and shared that the CIA, our Central Intelligence Agency, uses remote viewers. Those are people who have the ability to psychically receive information about things at a distance. They see the information in their minds, put it all together and come up with likely real life scenarios.

Jimmy Carter answered the question with a story about the time they found one of the USA’s downed planes behind enemy lines. They didn’t want the enemy to get our advanced technology that was installed in the plane so they called in their remote viewers. The plane was found based on the information given them by the remote viewers.

I heard this firsthand from Hal Puthoff, one of the scientists involved. I heard him speak about it during an interview in a program I bought years ago.  I have since heard scientist Russell Targ speak about his involvement also after he was hired by the CIA.  Psychic warfare is a real thing between many governments. We the people seem to be the ones they want to keep in the dark about the power of the mind.

I would be fine with that if it were for our safety. I know you can get yourself into trouble dabbling there, as you can with Think - Get Ideas - Use Your Mindmost things. That’s why it’s important to learn about it first and make wise decisions when you use it. But I will say this because it is so very important. Just because you aren’t consciously using your mind to help reach your goals doesn’t mean it is not active and having an impact.

When left without your adult supervision, it is usually causing trouble just like children do when left on their own. But in fairness, that’s your brain’s job. It’s supposed to look for trouble, only it does it to keep you safe. It scans the past to see if the present situation could potentially hurt you. Then it activates your fear center if it feels that is prudent. Stress chemicals are released and your brain gives you images or memories of danger. Unless you’ve learned to be more aware, this all happens in a flash, without your conscious awareness. You may or may not notice that you suddenly feel anxious, depressed, tired or even a physical pain.

One of the things I will be going into more in the future is the fact that your brain is at work all the time doing something. Many times you could say it is working against you and your goals because it is trying to protect you from harm. Change brings with it the unknown and that makes your brain uncomfortable. It wants to keep you safe so it actually wants you to feel afraid and uncomfortable.  It also takes effort to go where it has never gone before.  It is easier to stay in familiar territory rather than blazing a new trail in your brain.

Because your heart and brain are always receiving information and sending it back and forth, the process creates electromagnetic energy that carries your emotional vibrations within it. You end up resonating that fear energy to your cells and out into the field of energy surrounding you.

How often do you think about the energy you are resonating throughout your body and out into the field? If you don’t consider that, you might want to make it a habit. Keep an eye on what you’re doing with your energy because this is a fact. Its power causes an effect even when you ignore it.

You are an energetic being living in an energetic universe. What you think about, and even more impactful than that, is how you feel about that thought in your mind. Your feelings become a vibratory message that is like a signature. It tells the world who the real person inside is. Just like with your written signature, those who are trained to read it can tell all kinds of things about you. Your energy tells people a lot without a word being said.

You can’t hide your thoughts, or really the energy they create.  A human being in a room with you may have the sensitivity to feel your energy and be affected by it. There are many who are whether or not they want to be or know it.

We are affected by what is going on with each other and in the world. I think it is good to be aware of that so you can be sure you aren’t the “one bad apple” that is spoiling things for a group of people.  Every person who joins in adds to that vibration and that is what is meant by mass consciousness. A large group of people thinking the same way creates a momentum of energy that can sweep more people into it. It is easy to feel helpless or like a victim or to be filled with despair these days with so much bad news all the time.

There is an answer for that so you can ride the wave instead of getting sucked into it. Knowing the power of your mind is the first step to using it to help instead of hurt yourself and others. Ignorance only means you leave yourself open to group think and manipulation by others.

So back to governments, organizations and groups of people who know and use the power of the mind but don’t talk about it openly and even hide it. I was pretty shocked when I discovered all the documents on that subject that were de-classified recently. Some of the things disclosed happened well over 50 years ago, so by now, sufficient time has passed to change their classification status.

What does that tell you? They can know about it but you shouldn’t? Why? I have to wonder that and I hope you do too. When things don’t make sense like that, it makes me very curious. I believe we’re meant to at least strive to reach our full potential. The human mind and consciousness are areas that sure seem worth exploring.

Scientists argue with each other about related areas, like consciousness, so there is that. The debate is whether it is only in our brain or if it extends outside of the brain. There is strong evidence that we all participate in a “universe of consciousness” as noted by astronaut Edgar Mitchell. That realization was a life-changing moment for him as he traveled back to earth from the moon when he visited it back in 1971. He went on to found the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, as a place to study consciousness. They have some compelling studies that leave little doubt that we are co-creating the universe as we go.

Scientists working with IONS have many studies indicating that information comes and goes from us. The focus of your mind, or conscious, impacts and helps shape everything from your health to your relationships to your finances.

There is a well-known study called the double-slit experiment. It is complex but a bare-bones explanation is this. Classical science based on Newtonian principles is always predictable.  1+2 always = 3. But then quantum physics appeared and the idea that everything could be calculated went out the window. Physics was no longer predictable on all fronts.

I’ll use Wikipedia’s explanation to help explain what was discovered. With this one it looks like it is a straight-up definition without the bias you find there in certain areas.  They’ve earned a bad reputation for a reason. I’ve seen some things that are glaringly inaccurate and no amount of requesting a correction gets it done. So I take everything there with a grain of salt. I don’t go there unless I already know the answer. Would that qualify as an oxymoron?

To digress, I will say that I make that point every chance I get because so many have come out in the open to let us know what is going on inside of many companies we thought we could trust. I am hoping we can bring honesty and integrity back because there are good people working there too. We have great power and together we can manifest solutions for the world’s problems. It can happen as soon as more people realize the gifts they have. Unfortunately, many people still need to switch their thinking from victimhood to that of a conscious manifestor.

Once you see yourself as being capable of activating a different outcome than the one predicted, a world of possibilities opens up to you. You can develop your intuitive abilities and your inner feelings will tell you when you are on the right path.  They also let you know when you need to back up a little and look at other options. That is why learning to listen to your feelings is a big part of what I teach. Having that in your arsenal is a big time saver and a frustration reducer.

Power of Consciousness ExperimentBack to Wikipedia where it says, “In modern physics, the double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles… This type of experiment was first performed, using light, by Thomas Young in 1801, as a demonstration of the wave behavior of light. At that time it was thought that light consisted of either waves or particles. With the beginning of modern physics, about a hundred years later, it was realized that light could in fact show behavior characteristic of both waves and particles. “

That leads to things I won’t get into here but the bottom line is that scientists have discovered that you are the deciding factor. When your consciousness is focused on something, when it is observing something, it changes the outcome. It changes sine waves to particles.

It is exciting to see so much scientific evidence that shows we shouldn’t be ignoring or only fearing the invisible. That is a crushing blow to many scientists. It isn’t easy to let go of beliefs that are engrained in you and accept something new.

I love that many scientists are going against the establishment and showing the public what their studies show. Unfortunately, we are still living in a time when scientist are often discredited, ridiculed or made an example of so others are afraid to speak up. The reason is usually found when you follow the money. Grants would be lost, speaking engagements canceled, new literature and textbooks would have to be written to replace the outdated material.  So many things would have to change that are in the path of that domino effect.

Most of all, when you become more powerful and self-sufficient, that doesn’t necessarily fit the path others may be laying out for you so they can reach their goal. Fear sells and this is a lifestyle that thrives on the opposite, faith. You must have faith that there are other possibilities, keep your mind on that and then let your heart lead you to all that is necessary for one of them to become your reality.

As you may suspect, to master the art and science of manifesting with materials found in the quantum field and in your mind, it requires a little effort.  You can give it steady effort and gradually get better at it. Your gifts will develop and your mistakes along the way will be great teachers.  That is how I got here, self-study, trial and error, reading everything I could get my hands on. Maybe you have already done a lot of that and only need a missing piece.

If you’re in a hurry, you can also take short cuts with my digital programs, group or personal mentoring to develop more quickly and see bigger results faster.

We are all in different places on our path so I hope you my free materials, digital programs or live coaching programs will help you. Let me know your questions so I can create more free materials to help you if that will help you most right now. You can reply to my emails or use my Contact page from the tab at the top.

Don’t ever forget how powerful your mind is and that is co-creating all the time, with or without your conscious awareness!