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Teri’s Background

Teri Rose trained as a life coach with Comprehensive Coaching U along with training as an energy work practitioner in many modalities that deal with energy flow.  Teri is a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner and has also trained in the use of NLP, Psyche K, Progressive Mental Alignment, she trained in Tony Robbins’ school as a Strategic Intervention Coach, and more – all modalities for finding and removing the underlying cause of blocks to health and success with goals.

Alex Teri Ben10-25-2005Copy (226 x 150)Teri began working with The Healing Codes company in 2004, owned by Dr. Alex Loyd and the late Dr. Ben Johnson, the medical doctor interviewed in the movie The Secret and in The Truth About Cancer. She helped create a success program and all of the clients attended her 4 week online workshop series where she taught her process for working with goals.

Why Peace Of Success?

Peace of Success Coaching was born as an idea to help others bypass the long, rough road Teri traveled alone after her car accident.The insight she gained from her spiritual experience, what she was shown while “in the Light,” gave her an insatiable hunger to experience inner peace and harmonious relationships.

Teri is grateful now that her life has been full of challenges. They played an important part in developing her gifts. She believes we all have inherent gifts from our Creator that allow us to take part in the creation of our circumstances.

Teri shares many of her own “supernatural” seeming experiences, results that happened after working with her mind and emotions in the way she now teaches others. Her examples include everything imaginable from physical healing to being at the right place at the right time to see her intention manifest in a very tangible way. Teri uses both her positive and challenging experiences as models to show how to get results quickly and easily and what to do when things don’t go that way.

Are you looking for some help shifting your energy or changing your circumstances?

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