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Teri Rose Helps You Escape The Hamster Wheel

Use 3 Key Discoveries That Are The Secret To Finding Solutions and Creating Desired Changes

Does Your Life Seem More Like A Nightmare Than A Dream Come True?

Simple steps and easy-to-do practices can train your brain to give you great ideas. They can be brought to life with creative visualization and inspire action that turns your dreams into your physical reality.

Do You Want To Stop Feeling Your Painful Past, Re-Living It In The Present & Fearing It'll Be In Your Future?

We have tools for dissolving pain so you can feel your heart’s wisdom prompting and guiding you in the creation of a life and relationships you love waking up to.

Is Your Mind Open And Heart Ready To Accept How Powerful You Really Are?

New technology disproves much of what we’ve been led to believe about our limitations. Learn how to use your brain and heart, your mind and emotions to shape and manifest your preferred future.

About Teri Rose

Teri Rose is a life coach who mentors others in a process for finding and removing limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, old patterns and habits that cause frustration, stress, health issues and unhappiness.

Her process evolved over many years after having an NDE (near death experience) in a car wreck. Days after the accident she awoke in the hospital with insight that changed the way she viewed both life and death. It instilled a strong desire to heal physically and also emotionally from the anger she always felt inside.

With practice, Teri learned how to apply what she had been shown while out of her body and “in the Light” after the car crash. Eventually her life and health changed dramatically and people started noticing.

When her skills and understanding evolved to the point of getting consistent results, she began coaching others in the use of her success formula. It is a process with simple steps that when used consistently, leads to success with goals along with the peace of mind to enjoy them.


What Teri Rose’s Clients Say In Her Google Reviews

NOTE: Due to the nature of the work Teri does with clients, she doesn’t use their actual image. All reviews are from clients who have worked with her and her process. See these authenticated reviews and many more by clicking “Google Reviews” above or visit the Testimonial Page.

My life was forever changed when I learned of the Peace of Success process and began working with Teri. Nearly eight years later, I continue to apply the principles I was taught to every area of my life with astounding results. Finances, relationships, physical health… Time and again I’ve seen impossible situations made possible. Circumstances turned in my favor. Nowadays I live my life from a place of gratitude and joy, intentionally setting my thoughts, feelings, and sights upon that which I desire without the need to know how it will unfold. I have an unshakeable faith in the process because after years of practice, I know it works. Thank you Teri for being a mentor and a dear friend. You are truly a bright light in this world.

Teri simply changed my life. Her expertise on human behavior, neuroscience but most importantly emotional and energy work is paramount. To start, I was able to quit smoking after 18 years. No pills, no patches. Just utilizing her tools (thoughts, feelings and intention). She goes above and beyond by following up and customizing any program based on your needs. In my opinion, The Best Life Coach in Nashville. I will always recommend Teri if you truly want to change/improve any aspect of your life.

I am so grateful to have met Terri. I am amazed by the shifts I have experienced in a short amount of time.
Her manner is kind and she is passionate about helping others.

One private coaching session gave me powerful insights as well as simple tools to help clear blocks.
I have been struggling with fatigue for years and it’s incredible to feel this level of increased energy / focus, inspiration and positive mindset.

Her WLMM course is easy to follow. Also, I was able to immediately implement techniques that eased my symptoms of anxiety and PTSD

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for tools to heal, connect more deeply with their inner purpose or create positive shifts in their life.


Teri Rose’s Winning Formula For Personal Empowerment

Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy when it’s not under your control. Learn how to take control so its power works for you instead of against you.

Your heart is so much more than a blood pumping station. It communicates with your brain, sends and receives information and functions as your own inner GPS system. Its power can be used for physical, mental and emotional healing.

Modern technology shows that you emit light and frequencies of energy that become a force of nature. In other words, your vibration has an impact on the particles that take shape as your reality. You can allow that to happen helter-skelter or you can take control and consciously create energy that supports your health and helps manifest a life you love. Things can change fast when you work with your brain, heart and the quantum field with a process I call the White Light Method. Download my free pdf for the 3 Keys To “Conscious Manifesting.”