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The Strawberry Story

The Strawberry Story

Images From The Strawberry Story Can Be a Good Reminder I’m pretty sure “The Strawberry Story” began in June 1999. My Mom was visiting for a week and we had gone out for dinner. She was just about to step through the restaurant door as a young couple started making a...

Self-Healing Example, Explanation and Steps

This was an experience I had in 2018 but it is even more important to understand how to use this process and take greater control of your emotions with the current situation we are facing. This is why I do not live in fear.. This secret to health and happiness is just...

Your Mind Power and Why It’s So Important

Your mind is extremely powerful and understanding how to use your mind power can be life-changing. Developing your skill with using it effectively can mean the difference between health and disease, a safe secure home you love or living someplace you dread going home to, having wonderful loving relationships or feeling lonely, being at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time.